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Futsal World Cup 2016 Schedule Fixtures PDF

Futsal World Cup 2016 Schedule Fixtures PDF – The long wait for the Futsal World Cup match schedule is over. Columbia is all set to stage the eight edition of FIFA Futsal World Cup from 10th September to 1st October, 2016. The total number of participating teams will be 24 this year. The number of European teams will be seven. Fifty-two matches will be played in the ongoing tournament.

In order to declare the schedule and the host of the Futsal World Cup, 2016, a high level meeting was held by the FIFA Executive Committee in May, 2013 in the Asian country Mauritius. Apart from the eminent football-crazy countries, a bid for the hosting also came from the Czech Republic. After examining the merit in the bid placed by a number of sports-loving countries, Columbia was given the right-to-host. The country has the experience of staging the 2011 FIFA U-20 World Cup. Columbia will be the second South-American nation to be awarded the global Futsal event after Brazil in 2008.

Futsal World Cup 2016 Teams

The names of the participating countries are Cuba, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Colombia, Mozambique, Vietnam, Ukraine, Paraguay, Solomon Islands, Morocco, Argentina, Iran, Panama, Egypt, Colombia, Guatemala, Australia, Costa Rica, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Kazakhstan, Spain respectively.

Futsal World Cup 2016 Schedule

Group – A Time Match  Venue 
10-Sep-16 6:00 PM Uzbekistan vs  Panama Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali
10-Sep-16 8:00 PM Colombia vs  Portugal Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali
13-Sep-16 6:00 PM Panama vs  Portugal Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali
13-Sep-16 8:00 PM Colombia vs Uzbekistan Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali
16-Sep-16 8:00 PM Panama vs  Colombia Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali
16-Sep-16 8:00 PM Portugal vs Uzbekistan Coliseo Iván de Beodut
Group – B
10-Sep-16 4:00 PM Cuba vs Egyptm Coliseo Iván de Beodut,
10-Sep-16 6:00 PM Thailand vs Russia Coliseo Iván de Beodut,
13-Sep-16 6:00 PM  Egypt vs Russia Coliseo Iván de Beodut,
13-Sep-16 8:00 PM Thailand vs Cuba Coliseo Iván de Beodut
16-Sep-16 6:00 PM  Egypt vs Thailand Coliseo Iván de Beodut,
16-Sep-16 6:00 PM Russia vs Cuba Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali
Group – C
11-Sep-16 6:00 PM Vietnam vs Guatemala Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali
11-Sep-16  8:00PM Paraguay vs Italy Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali
14-Sep-16  6:00PM Guatemala vs Italy Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali
14-Sep-16  8:00PM Paraguay vs Vietnam Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali
17-Sep-16  6:00PM Guatemala vs Paraguay Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali
17-Sep-16 6:00 PM  Italy vs Vietnam Coliseo Bicentenario,
Group – D
11-Sep-16 4:00 PM Mozambique vs Australia Coliseo Bicentenario,
11-Sep-16 6:00 PM Ukraine vs Brazil Coliseo Bicentenario,
14-Sep-16  6:00PM Australia vs Brazil Coliseo Bicentenario,
14-Sep-16 8:00 PM Ukraine vs Mozambique Coliseo Bicentenario,
17-Sep-16 4:00 PM Australia vs Ukraine Coliseo Bicentenario,
17-Sep-16  4:00PM Brazil vs Mozambique  Coliseo El Pueblo, Cali
Group – E
12-Sep-16 6:00 PM Solomon Islands vs Costa Rica Coliseo Bicentenario,
12-Sep-16 8:00 PM Argentina vs Kazakhstan Coliseo Bicentenario,
15-Sep-16 6:00 PM Costa Rica vs Kazakhstan Coliseo Bicentenario,
15-Sep-16 8:00 PM Argentina vs Solomon Islands Coliseo Bicentenario,
18-Sep-16 4:00 PM Costa Rica vs Argentina Coliseo Bicentenario,
18-Sep-16 4:00 PM Kazakhstan vs Solomon Islands Coliseo Iván de Beodut,
Group – F
12-Sep-16 6:00 PM Morocco vs Azerbaijan Coliseo Iván de Beodut,
12-Sep-16 8:00 PM Iran vs Spain Coliseo Coliseo Iván de Beodut,
15-Sep-16  6:00PM Azerbaijan vs Spain Coliseo Iván de Beodut,
15-Sep-16 8:00 PM Iran vs Morocco Coliseo Iván de Beodut,
18-Sep-16 6:00 PM Azerbaijan vs Iran Coliseo Iván de Beodut,
18-Sep-16  6:00 PM Spain vs Morocco Coliseo Bicentenario,

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