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5 Wrestlers who are Motorcycle Lovers

It is a very common scene that athletes are fond of smart vehicles be that from heavy cars to strong motorcycles. Wrestlers are not exception of that. Wrestlers, like any other professional athletes are very much attracted to motorcycles. Whatever, if you are a wrestle-mania fan then you must know that, motorcycle is hugely used in the special entrances for many wrestlers. Many renowned wrestlers has used motorcycles in their ring entrances and also many of them actually owns some motorbikes or they are fond of motorcycles.

There are many wrestlers who have a very strong passion for motorcycles. They also like to make a collection of motorcycles and some wrestlers who love motorcycles has also turned their hobby into their career. Motorcycle Website

Here is a list of some wrestlers who love motorbikes:

  1. The Undertaker:

The Undertaker is a living legend in wrestling world. The undertaker had been a topper of the WWE for almost 25 years in the industry and he has won almost every championship of WWE a wrestler can win. According to many fans he is the greatest ever wrestler in WWE history.


Whatever, now when it comes to wrestling and motorcycles, The Undertaker is the first man to know about. Fans of The Undertaker and also wrestling fans know it very well that he is a great fan of motorcycles. He also used to enter the ring on motorcycles in the early 2000’s.

In his leisure times, Undertaker is a desirous biker and he rarely drives cars. All of the bikes which The Undertaker used in his biker days in 2000’s for gimmicks were actually owned by him.

Undertaker has a large collection of motorbikes. Among them there are bikes like Harley-Davidson and West coast Choppers.

  1. Eric Bishchoff:

Eric Bischoff’s affection to motorcycles was not first started in his wrestling days, instead it had started long before he took part in the wrestling industry. He used to be seen in the wrestling programs that were under his charge very often.


In those programs, fans of Eric Bishchoff very often got the chance to see Bischoff’s love for motorbikes as he used to be present in the programs with motorbikes, the famous-most programs of them was WCW’s annual road wild PPV, which finally was given off to a biking community as a free show.

As Eric Bishchoff is a desirous biker, he had created a unique outdoor PPV which takes pace from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

  1. Goldberg

Goldberg was one of the biggest names in the WCW and WWE during the time he was in the peak of his career. After Goldberg had been done with his WCW career, he tried out his luck at WWE for a year. But he coiuld not continue and he announced his retirement from the ring.


After the retirement, Bill Goldberg has grown a hobby of collecting vintage motor vehicles. Among them there are a total of 25 cars and some motorbikes including Harley Davidsons.

The love for motorcycles of Bill Goldberg has been displayed many times on some documentaries on him which also featured his Harleys.

  1. Shane McMahon:

Every WWE fans know that Ahane McMahon who is the son of Vince McMahon is a motorcycle lover. In fact as he is an adrenaline junkie, he loves all all types of vehicles and of course motorcycle are ranked first in the favorites list.

Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon got hold of the first motorcycle of his life in his teen age. Recently, Shane McMahon has become a partner of Indian Larry Motorcycles which is the world’s top custom motorcycle shop and it is named after the legendary Motorbike builder, artist, stuntman and bike rider, the late Indian Larry.

  1. Chuck Palumbo

Chuck Palumbo is more famous for hi speel in both WCW and WWE. During his wrestling career, he has won 6 World tag-team championship, 4 of them was in the WCW and 2 of them were in WWE.

Chuck Palumbo

Whatever, he is a wrestlers who left the wrestling industry for pursuing his career in the motorcycle building. Palumbo currently works as a motorcycle builder and makes custom motorcycles for his business named KP customs. He is such a motorbike lover that he addresses himself as a mechanic and also says he has enthusiasm for cars and motorcycles.

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