Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor live stream Free Online

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor live stream

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor live stream– If you haven’t been following the whole rivalry, let me tell you, it’s actually happening. We have seen many occasions where boxing competitors came to MMA and made a legacy but the vice versa is happening for the first time ever. Only Conor Mcgregor had the guts to challenge arguably the best boxer after Muhammad Ali. You’re right. That’s none other than the undefeated Floyd “The Money” Mayweather. If you have been looking for Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor live stream, you’re at the right place.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor match details

This is the first time a professional MMA fighter is going to step foot inside a boxing ring. Conor Mcgregor is a man who loves to take big risks and is the initiator of many things. After all, he’s the first ever undisputed featherweight and lightweight champion of the UFC. On the other hand, we have Floyd Mayweather who is considered the best boxer of his generation. Even many say that he’s the same class as Muhammad Ali. He deserves everything he has been termed because his boxing record says the whole story. Fighting 49 matches in his whole career, he managed to win all 49 of them. Floyd Mayweather is somebody who loves to show off whatever he has earned. Be it championships or be it money. He is the highest paid combat sports athlete with the highest net worth as well.

This billion dollar fight is going to take place on August 26th in a boxing ring. It will be in Las Vegas and it is expected to be the highest grossing boxing or MMA match of all time. The show will be a Showtime PPV and not a UFC PPV because of it being a boxing match. Supposedly, Floyd Mayweather’s 49th match was his last but Conor’s trash talks on social media and interviews brought him back. He desperately wants to make it 50-0 and retire in peace. Conor Mcgregor is a man, who many consider, defeats the opponent outside of the ring heading into the match. The way he trashes talks is what makes him popular among everybody. Undeniably, he’s the most charismatic combat sports athlete of all time.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Payouts

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Payouts (Confirmed)
Floyd Mayweather $150 million guaranteed (Floyd Mayweather is guaranteed $150 million before a punch is thrown but he is likely to clear somewhere around $200 million or even more assuming this fight hit all its money metrics including both domestic PPV and foreign TV deals.)
Conor McGregor $75 million guaranteed (Purse is believed to be 70:30 in favor of Mayweather and McGregor is guaranteed $75 million but he might also clear over $100 million depending on PPV sales both in US and UK plus his huge list of sponsorship deals on the fight week)

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor live stream

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor live stream
Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather had many press conferences all around the world. They have been face to face (one representing Showtime and the other, UFC). We saw that most of the crowd everywhere in the world tour were on Conor’s side. This tells everything about this young man’s undeniable stardom. Nobody even thought that Floyd would come back for a match but Conor’s mind games have brought him back. Now that everything’s done and final, it’s official in Las Vegas on Aug 26 in the T-Mobile Arena.

The main event of the Showtime PPV is expected to start at almost 4 am BST. It depends on how long the previous matches take and nobody can say it specifically. They are fighting at 154 pounds with an 8oz pair of gloves. It was considered to be 10oz earlier, but Mayweather offered Conor recently to fight with 8 ounce gloves. The referee will be Robert Byrd and all in all, we are expecting a hell of a great match.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor match predictions.

Conor Mcgregor is a 28-year-old Irishman who is in his prime time becoming two weight champion in the UFC. Floyd, however, is a money spinning machine. Whenever he comes to the ring, Showtime earns a huge amount of money. But he has been out of action for a long time now and many believe, has lost what it takes.

My prediction- Conor Mcgregor. I want him to turn Mayweather’s records into 49-1.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor live stream

In reality in Las Vegas, the PPV will start on August 26 but in India, due to time zones differences, it will be live on 27th August. The time for the money match to start is expected to be around 06:30 AM. If you don’t want to miss any action, stay tuned on the TV Channel, Sony Six HD and Sony Six at 06:30 AM. Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor live stream will be available on Sony LIV- the official streaming partner of Sony. You can catch up all the action from your mobile using this application. For the US users, Sky Sports Box Office app will broadcast Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor live stream. This money fight is definitely going to have many eyes watching on them. Hope they bring on a great fight.

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