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Lionel Messi Salary History & Net Worth In 2016

Lionel Messi Salary History & Net Worth In 2016- How Messi Became the Highest Paid Footballer of the World? Lionel Messi is unarguably the brightest star in the horizon of football. In the last one decade, he has absolutely ruled the game of football. In the last seven years, he has won 5 Ballon d’Or, FIFA Player of the Year. With incredible performance comes lots of money and same has happened with Messi. His outstanding success has not only endeared him to all football fans but has also made him one of the most marketable athletes in the world.Lionel Messi Salary

His one contract after another has kept on making him richer and richer and ahead of many and his recent contract with the FC Barcelona has made him unequivocally the highest paid footballer in the world till today. He is even way ahead if compared with the top athletes in other major sports for not being limited by the geographical limits. In fact, his marketability transcends the geographical constraints and pervades throughout the world. The Sports shoes, clothing, and accessories giant Adidas has also signed a whopping $50 million a year contract with Messi.

Lionel Messi Salary $350 million

That Messi is the highest paid footballer in the world has now become irrefutably true. His learning is even more than that of Ronaldo. The net worth of this soccer magician is said to be around $350 million. His recently concluded Barcelona deal will make him richer by $21.5 million. Apart, he does also enjoy a unique contract with Adidas that will keep on making him richer by $40 million a year. In addition to these two contracts, Messi also has a number of endorsement deals in different niches. Given the number of contracts that he has had to his credit and the amount of money that he earns from those contracts, no one, not even a Ronaldo, can upstage him.

Lionel Messi Salary

Lionel Messi Salary History 

Lionel Messi Salary History 
February 2004 Messi’s youth contract with Barcelona, an 8 year deal (2004-2012) but with tier based clauses. Initial Messi earned €1500 a week but his salary was increased to €10,000 a week after he played for Barcelona first team in friendly match. €1500 a week
June 2005 Messi signed financially improved 5 year-deal (2005 to 2010) on his 18th birthday. This was his first contract as a Barcelona first team player and he became the highest paid teenager in football. €25,000 a week €1.2 million
September 2005 In just three months after signing his first contract extension taking his contract till 2014 and doubling his weekly salary €50,000 a week €2.4 million
March 2007 Barcelona offered him improved 5 year deal in March 2007 after he scored his first hattrick as Barcelona player against Real Madrid. €100,000 a week €4.8 million
July 2008 Messi signed another contract extension which made him the highest paid Barcelona player and also inheriting Ronaldinho’s number 10 shirt. €162,000 a week €7.8 million
September 2009 After winning Champions League with Barcelona, Messi signed another contract extension 7 year deal (2009 to 2016) a financially improved contract making him highest paid player in the world. €250,000 a week €12 million
February 2013 Another contract extension followed keeping him at the club till 2018 and earned a fixed wage of .€13 million a yearh €270,000 a week €13 million
19 May 2014 Messi signed what will become the unique and most lucrative professional deal in football with Messi earning €20 million after tax. costing Barcelona around €36 million a year €400,000 a week after tax €20 million (after tax)

How Messi Became the Highest Paid Footballer of the World?

Messi was a football genius right from his childhood. In the year 2000, he came to Spain after his family members arranged a trial with FC Barcelona. When he was only 13 years old, he started playing for the Barcelona in February 2001. After watching his performance the club started to pay his medical bill that was a decent $1000 a month along with the accommodation to him and his family members. And after that, he never took a back step.

He signed his first-ever professional contract in February 2004. The contract was signed for 8 years, making him richer €1500 a week. In June 2005 he signed a five-year deal on his 18th birthday. After the deal, he became the highest paid teenager in football, making him richer €25,000 a week with early income of €1.2 million. In September 2005 he signed for the extension of his existing contract till the year 2014, making him richer €50,000 a week with early income of €2.4 million.

This contract was followed by another contract in March 2007, making him richer €100,000 a week with early income of €4.8 million. After that, he signed contracts’ extension in the year 2008 in the month of July making him richer €162,000 a week with early income of €7.8 million. His contract extension was followed in the year 2009, 2013 and 2014, with the early income of €12 million, €13 million and €20 million respectively.

The Endorsement Deals of Lionel Messi

Besides being the highest paid footballer in the world with staggering yearly salary, Messi is equally impressive outside the pitch too with his lucrative endorsement deals with the likes of Adidas, Samsung, Pepsi, EA Sports, Walkers and lots of other domestic and international deals. His Adidas deals make him richer by $24 million a year and racks in another $5 to $8 million with his other endorsement deals.

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