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Some motorcycle crazy AFL players

The AFL players makes their names as AFL stars. But, you should know that they can also make their names in the two wheeler industry also. AFL stars have always been shared their love for motorbikes; love for the leather seat and love for getting out in the open road. Brett Deledio of Richmond loves to ride his dirt bike, Travis Cloke of Collingwood rides Harley-Davidson and Matthew Kreuzer loves to ride both the bikes.

Melbourne’s Bernie Vince said about biking and AFL that, both of the sports are very similar with each other, as both provides a massive amount of adrenaline rush in the body and mind. And anther AFL player named Ben McEvoy said that in both of the sports you need to be extra cautious. Matthew Kreuzer also said that both these games require a great concentration as you have to be alert in every moment of these sports.

Whatever, Travis Cloke had different opinion regarding these. He said that he plays in AFL for adrenaline rushes but he rides motorbikes for the comfort. Another player, Patrick Dangerfield wants to own a motorbike after his retirement. Bike Price in Bangladesh

AFL players names who loves to ride motorbikes

Bernie Vince:

Bernie Vince is an Australian rules footballer who plays for the Melbourne football club in Australia. He plays in the AFL (Australian Football League). He thinks of motorcycle that motorcycles are fun to ride and it is a very exciting way to get around quickly and easily. He wants to have a Harley Davidson motorbike in his future life.

Ben McEvoy:

Ben McEvoy is an Australian rules footballer who plays for the Hawthorn football club in Australia. He plays in the AFL (Australian Football League). He also played for St. Kilda Football Club from 2008 to 2013.

He says that he loves anything by which he can roam round and make him feel comfortable. And the best freedom of roaming is found in motorbike riding. Ben McEvoy has a Suzuki Ag bike. It might not be the best thrill seeking bike it is very much useful.

Matthew Kreuzer:

Matthew Kreuzer is an Australian rules footballer who plays for the Carlton football club in Australia in the AFL (Australian Football League). He says that motorcycle riding is fun and exciting. The rider can both challenge himself with different tough challenges and also relax on the bike for a bit. Kreuzer says he wants to own a new bike. And he likes dirt bikes as well as road bikes.

Brett Deledio:

Brett is a professional AFL player who plays for the Greater Western Sydney Giants. He played for Richmond Football Club for almost 11 years from 2005-2016 in AFL. He says that he loves to get out on the road by himself, only by himself. That is why he uses motorbikes. He loves to roam in the countrysides by his motorbike. He has a YZ250 dirt bike as well as a Harley Davidson. He uses dirt bike in the off roads and enjoys it a lot and uses Harley Davidson in the regular tracks.

Travis Cloke:

Travis Cloke plays for Western Bulldogs in the Australian Football League. Travis Cloke says that motorbike riding is very important for him because it clears his mind. He has four or five close friends of his who all have motorbikes and they some times get together to ride in a country side or in a lake road etc. He loves to ride motorbike a lot. The current bike of Travis CLoke is a V-Rod 2016 Harley Davidson.

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