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Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Men’s Football Schedule

Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Men’s Football Schedule– Rio Summer Olympics 2016 will be the football competition start from 03 August to 20th August 16 teams divided into four groups. Each group top two teams will be qualify for the quarterfinal and then final (gold medal match). In this tournament total 32 matches will be played. which team will reach in the final contest for gold medal and there will be a third place playoff of losing semifinalists for a Bronze medal.


Summer Olympics 2016 Men’s Football Match Schedule: Match start from 3 August 2016 and 16 teams divided into 4 groups of 4 teams. We are providing below schedule of the Olympic football competition

Olympic 2016 Men’s Football Schedule
04 August Iraq vs Denmark (Group A) 13:00 Brasília
04 August Brazil vs South Africa (Group A) 16:00 Brasília
04 August Sweden vs Colombia (Group B) 18:00 Manaus
04 August Nigeria vs Japan (Group B) 21:00 Manaus
04 August Fiji vs South Korea (Group C) 20:00 Salvador
04 August Germany vs Mexico (Group C) 17:00 Salvador
04 August Algeria vs Honduras (Group D) 15:00 Rio de Janeiro
04 August Portugal vs Argentina (Group D) 18:00 Rio de Janeiro
07 August Denmark vs South Africa (Group A) Brasília
07 August Brazil vs Iraq (Group A) Brasília
07 August Sweden vs Nigeria (Group B) Manaus
07 August Japan vs Clolmbia (Group B) Manaus
07 August Fiji vs Mexico (Group C) Salvador
07 August Germany vs South Korea (Group C) Salvador
07 August Honduras vs Portugal (Group D) Rio de Janeiro
07 August Argentina vs Algeria (Group D) Rio de Janeiro
10 August Brazil vs Denmark (Group A) Salvador
10 August South Africa vs Iraq (Group A) São Paulo
10 August Japan vs Sweden (Group B) Salvador
10 August Colombia vs Nigeria (Group B) São Paulo
10 August Germany vs Fiji (Group C) Belo Horizonte
10 August Mexico vs South Korea (Group C) Brasília
10 August Argentina vs Honduras (Group D) Belo Horizonte
10 August Portugal vs Algeria (Group D) Brasília
13 August 1st Quarterfinal São Paulo
13 August 2nd Quarterfinal Belo Horizonte
13 August 3rd Quarterfinal Salvador
13 August 4th Quarterfinal Brasília
17 August 1st Semifinal Rio de Janeiro
17 August 2nd Semifinal São Paulo
20 August Bronze Medal Match Rio de Janeiro
20 August Gold Medal Match (Final) Belo Horizonte

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