T10 Cricket League Prize Money – Winners

T10 Cricket League Prize Money

T10 Cricket League Prize Money – Winner: The T10 Cricket League is a revolution in the game of cricket which will, with time, be marked as one of the best things which happened to cricket. Ever since cricket was started being played, the match formats have changed a lot. At first, it was all test cricket and there were no limited overs. The format of tests now was the initial format of playing the game of cricket. Then came the limited overs format of the game which brought in the world cup as well. 50 overs game was played where both teams had to ball and bat for 50 overs each. Then came the T20 format which is the most popular format of cricket game now because of it being less time consuming as well as a big draw. Most of the earning nowadays in cricket is because of T20 leagues happening all over the world. But now, things have changed. T10 has come up as an official cricket league and it’s just a matter of time that it becomes that famous. The first ever T10 Cricket League has also drawn in a lot of attention, making us predict a good amount of fame incoming. By the way, people have been wondering about T10 cricket league prize money and in case you have been wondering about that too, you’re in the right place. This article will make you come across the real, true and official T10 cricket league prize money.

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About the T10 Cricket League 2017

The T10 Cricket League 2017 have been in news ever since it was announced, basically for the awesome new idea of limiting the format. In a 10 overs game, I don’t think anybody would not like to take big risks without worrying about their wickets. Hence, it’s a big action tournament. Being backed by the Pakistan Cricket Board, the winner of the champions trophy tournament, it is going to consist cricket stars from all over the world.

T10 Cricket League Prize Money

One of the most expensive games available in present and the newly introduced international T20 leagues have made it even more profitable and interesting. T10 Cricket League 2017 is yet again one of those money spinners backed by the Pakistan Cricket Board. Tonight is the last match of the T10 Cricket League 2017 and the money distribution which will be done in this tournament is eye-opening. Who says that Cricket does not reward their players with the much they deserve?

T10 Cricket League Prize Money is actually a very attractive package. There are luxury Studio Apartments to be given to every single cricketer who is hitting a hundred in any of the games and expensive watches to Cricketers who hit a 50. This proves that plenty of money will be given away to the players. It was also reported that a batsman hitting a century in a 10 over game is very difficult and the price will definitely be a motivation for every single batsman. The batsman who is going to hit a century is going to get a Studio apartment which is worth Dh500,000. The half-century makers are going to get expensive watches such as luxury Hublot Rolex standard watch which is what up to 42,000 USD. So definitely, T10 Cricket League Prize Money is something which is going to open the eyes of everybody who does not consider cricket as a high paying/rewarding game.

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