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Top 10 Most Hottest Women Footballers in The World

Top 10 Hottest Women Footballers in The World– Since the FIFA World Cup 2015 edition that took place in Canada, the speculation was rife over the hottest footballer in the world. Almost all the sizzling soccer players of today were in the fray, and they were voted by their fan followers. But, that ranking became more like individual rankings based on the individual likings and preferences. Those rankings were far away from any internationally accepted ranking. The female footballers are already making rounds on the headlines like who is the sexiest of all, or who captures a maximum number of attention, or who is the hottest of all, so on and so forth.

Most Hottest Women Footballers

In a quest to identify the hottest female soccer player ever, we have done all permutations and combinations necessary in a quest to do justice with every single female footballer of today worldwide. Apart, we have also tried our level best to apply same criteria for all the female football players to rank her.

Jonelle Filigno (Canada)

Jonelle Filigno

Jonellie is undoubtedly one of the hottest women footballers today. Her appearances and beauty catch her onlookers. During the 2015 women World Cup, she was looking hotter than any other footballer of her time.

Apart from being an accomplished soccer player, she is endowed with a hot body too and the good thing about her is she does not have any compunction to show it off.



Anouk Hoodgendijk is a sensation of the Dutch national team, the very team she belongs to. She represents the Ajax Women Club in her native country. She has earned the sobriquet of being one of the sexiest female footballers around. She gets a Countless number of Complements for her appearances and body and she takes it with grace. She is an exponent of the Dutch national team and a youth icon.



This veteran of the Canadian National Football Team may be nearing her 32nd birthday, but what is still away from her is any sign of aging. Her skin glows more than the Teens of Today and her beauty surpasses even the most famous divas. Her appearances make her onlookers sweep off their feet.



The mesmerizing beauty of this 25-year-old Swedish Sensation speaks through the minds of their onlookers in the most elegant way. Her mind is agile and her appearance is adorable. She also plays for the French Club PSG women team and she is all set to make her presence felt with her performance in the ensuing World Cup.



After making more than 100 appearances for the Bayern Munich women team in Germany, this 25-year-old Simic signed for the Wolfsburn. She had made her international debut in the 2015 World Cup. She always makes her spectators speechless with her all pervading aura and steaming hot body.



Toni Duggan is a Manchester City Women team footballer. Though she is regarded as a newcomer in the world of football, but her fan followings are very impressive, thanks to the body she has got and the way she represents it. Apart from the Manchester football, she does also represent the English national team.



By earning as many as 85 caps for the United States women team, she has become one of the most formidable women players worldwide. She has almost become the face of the women football. She has been an integral part of the USA Women Team for more than five years. Apart from her performance, what best catches the eyes of her onlookers, is her adoringly beautiful body. She is adept at representing herself in the most seductive manner and that attribute of her really makes her ahead of her competitors.

Adriana Leon (Canada)

Adriana Leon (Canada)

This Canadian women team player is known as an attacking midfielder or as a winger. Having made appearances in around 30 odd international appearances, she has 5 goals to her credit. But, the maximum goals that she made are with the fans. Her irresistible body and make up and an intoxicating aura leave a person speechless with amazement.


Nayeli Rangel in her twenties has took the entire football world to surprise with her seductively beautiful body. An integral part of the Mexican national team, Nayeli does also play for her native club in the Mexico named as Sky Blue FC.

Alexia Putellas (Spain)

Alexia Putellas (Spain)

Alexia Putellas is arguably the brightest light in the Spain’s squad. She was transferred to Barcelona in the year 2014. But, what remained intact was her seamless beauty.

Ellyse Perry (Australia)

Ellyse Perry (Australia)

Ellyse Perry represents Australian national football and cricket teams. This girl is gifted in many ways. Her eyes are piercing, her smile is contagious and her body is steamy.



This Swedish soccer player had made its presence felt back in the 2007 World Cup. She continues to dominate even today with her matchless prowess and strategy to strike the ball with amazing quick and precision. She might be more than 30 year old, but her face and body suggests exactly the opposite.



Erica has got the distinction of being the most treasured asset of the Brazilian soccer team. She has very quick feet and plays with equal marvel both as a defender and a forward upfront. She impresses her fans with her pulchritude in off field as well. Her lips’ movement are impressive and her beauty beggars description.



Having played for nearly 90 internationals, she has become a known face. She is in fact known as a legendary in the French women team. She is endowed with all those traits that define a girl sexy or sensational. Those who see her, lavishes praise on her, using all the superlatives describing her ever youth appearance.

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