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Top 5 Best Songs in FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2018 Songs

Top 5 Best Songs in FIFA World Cup – The FIFA World Cup 2018 is near and it will be hosted by Russia. Most of the best songs in World Cup are more focused on the lyrics. It is the tradition of the hosts which is completely portrayed by the theme song of the FIFA World Cup. This time, the host is Russia and FIFA World Cup 2018 Official Theme Song are out. The name of the song is “We Are Racists” and the lyrics mostly contains Russian. Though, it was confirmed that the lyrics will be too easy to learn for any Non-Russian speaker as well. Without even destroying the convenience, the FIFA World Cup 2018 theme song promotes Russian traditions.

Top 5 Best Songs in FIFA World Cup

best songs in World Cup was something that people have always been looking for. There have been many good songs in the history of FIFA World Cups. Among them, we have rated the best songs in World Cup as a Top 5.

5. Put ’em under pressure.

Larry Mullen produced this beautiful song for the Ireland’s soccer team. It is actually an unofficial song which is released during the 1990 FIFA world cup in Italy. The vocals were not given by Larry Mullen, as many think. The vocals actually came from the fans which were recorded during the match itself. As a substitute or a helping hand, Jack Charlton who is the coach of Ireland, also contributed to the vocals.

4. Anthem by Vangelis.

Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou is basically a Greek electronic composer. This is one of the best songs in World Cup. Now after all, who doesn’t like an energetic music instrumental like this one?

3. La Copa Da La Vidli.

This is basically revolving around the language- French considering the facts that it suits everybody’s ears. It is all-out classic and timeless tune for the world cup. Probably it is one of the best songs in World Cup, if not the best song in World Cup.

2. Wavin’ Flag by K’Naan.

This is personally my favorite song which was ever produced by FIFA World Cup. In 2010, this was not the official theme song but definitely not the best one.
The way the song brings out emotions is completely outstanding. The lyrics of the song totally talks about growing up in Somalia and then dreaming of freedom. The song is completely a pun intended but the lyrics are more genuine.
One of the best songs in World Cup 2010 is so catchy that you would hum it all the time. The lyrics are so genuine to understand that it never feels fake. The pain and the emotions are portrayed perfectly in this special song.

1. Waka Waka by Shakira.

Shakira, the most famous female celebrity in Facebook. She holds the record for the second largest Facebook page after Cristiano Ronaldo. Probably, there is nobody who has not heard of Shakira. And since everybody knows about her, everybody must be knowing about how well she sings too. One among the best songs in World Cup, be it cricket or football, is Waka Waka.

The song basically has positive lyrics which will make you want to dance along. It is such a colorful video that it is a delight to watch. Moreover, you can sing along with Waka Waka due to its undeniably easy lyrics.

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