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Top 5 Most Iconic Athletes In Sports History

Top 5 Most Iconic Athletes In Sports History-There was an old saying, “studying will make your career, whereas playing will mar your career”.  But, this proverb became absurd with the popularity of sports. At the onset of 20th century, sports became a big part in everyone’s life.  After the World War II, the top sports grew with live TV coverage and some greatest athletes were produced. These athletes were popular in their time, are equally popular even today and their popularity will not wane even in the decades to come and hence their names worth mentioning.


Just take a look at the 5 most iconic athletes in the history of sports which will be remembered for the centuries to come. Our iconic personalities are from Boxing, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Formula One, etc.

Top 5 Most Iconic Athletes In Sports History

  1. Muhammad Ali( Boxing): In the list of 5 most iconic athletes of all the time, Muhammad Ali deserves the undisputed first place. He is widely acknowledged as “The Greatest” and justifiably so as the legend boxer rose to incredible fame back in the year 1964 when he comprehensively defeated Champion Sonny Liston and won the heavyweight title at the tender age of just 22. After that he never looked into back and kept on creating history. Soon he became the most scintillating star in the history of boxing. Though like any other athlete, his life too was replete with difficulties, and he too had to go with a roller costar ride. He was bereft of his boxing license for not drafting in the US Army, but that rough phase did not deter his strong will. He was resilient enough to bounce back and back with a bang. He won the title for the record three times, prior to bidding adieu to boxing.

Muhammad Ali(

  1. Michael Jordan(Basketball): Credentials of Michael Jordan has proved to be a stepping stone in making the game of basketball more popular. Though there were no dearths of players even before or after Jordan, but the level that he achieved, remained a far cry for all those players. In his outstanding career in basketball, he clinched 6 championships with Chicago Bulls. The time span for which Jordan played and dominated the game is widely regarded as the Jordan era. He defined NBA and paved the way for generations to come. He is widely regarded as the player with the ability of scoring all types of sorts in court. Michael is known as the greatest NBA player of all the times. In addition to his absolute superb performances on the court, he is also known as one of the very first global sports whose marketing ability was unmatched. Jordan still possesses the most lucrative endorsement deal in the history of sports.

Michael Jordan

  1. Lionel Messi &Cristiano Ronaldo(Football): It is rightly said that a football player becomes more popular than the players of other sports. It is simply because football happens to be the most popular sport of the world. And Lionel Messi & Cristiano  Ronaldo, unarguably the highest paid footballers in the world,   have the credit to dominate the game of football for the last 10 years. Though both these extremely accomplished players are pitted against each other, it is really very difficult to say for sure as to which player is better of the two.  From individual awards to team trophies, both of them have won in club football and putting aside rivalry, they also come together to push the limit of their football abilities. Given their abilities, no one can pick better of these two players.

Lionel Messi &Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. Michael Phelps(Swimming): Michael Phelps has redefined swimming. He has been able to make Swimming more popular with his breath-taking records and exceptional abilities. The capabilities of Michael can easily be understood from the single fact that no athlete apart from Michael Phelps has ever been able to touch double digits in the gold medals in Olympics. His staggering 23 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals made him earn the reputation of being the most decorated Olympian of all the times. His exceptional ability in swimming made him earn the sobriquet of “Flying Fish” . In the three Olympic games that Michael participated, he thoroughly dominated in water sports.

 Michael Phelps(Swimming)

  1. Michael Schumacher(Formula 1): Schumacher is a legendary figure not only in Formula 1 or motorsports, but also the entire sports. He has got the distinction of being the most successful F1 driver of all times and is widely regarded as the greatest in F1 history. The name of Schumacher has become synonymous with the sport he is associated with. Even those who do not know much about Formula One, name this sport as Michael Schumacher sport. Prior to joining Ferrari, Michael won two back to back titles with F1 Team “Benetton”. From the period of 2000 to 2004, Schumacher dominated the motorsport winning 5 consecutive world titles.

Michael Schumacher(Formula 1)

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