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Top 5 Footballers with Highest Salaries In 2016-17 Season

Top 5 Footballers with Highest Salaries In 2016-17 Season- No doubt, the top footballers of today get huge remunerations. One of the plausible reasons for good wage is that football is the most entertaining sport of today. Not all, but top footballers of today get huge wages as they are the top entertainers in a sport that has hundreds of thousands, not thousands, probably millions of followers across the globe. But, the million dollar question is: do they deserve the astronomical amount of money? Are their salaries justified? Or what they get is undeservingly.


Those who bat for the big salaries of the top footballers make argument that only the top footballers of today, and not all manage to make big bucks and as there is always a room on the top, what they get( fat salaries) is quite justifiable. And they do not get their high remunerations without doing anything. They get good amount of money till the time they are indispensible for the ground, or till the time they dominate the game. Any rough phase may mar the career of a footballer for good.

Here we have compiled top 5 footballers with highest salaries in 2016. The individual descriptions about these players are given below:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo: Undoubtedly, Ronaldo is the biggest star in football, the sports that is being regarded as the biggest sport ever played on the planet. Ronaldo is the player who has won the Champions League for his club and has clinched three FIFA Best Player of the Year award. He is handsomely paid for his breath-taking performances. In the last 12 months, he has become the first footballer to earn $88 million. He has signed a contract to make over $50 million through the 2017-18 season. Playing for the Real Madrid, Ronaldo earns £365,000 in a week after tax. His yearly income is pegged at £19 million after tax.

Cristiano Ronaldo

2- Lionel Messi: Though Messi is at the second position in the list of top 5 footballers with highest salaries in 2016, but he is definitely not a distant second. With a whopping $81.4 million, he is the player who makes the entire world sweep of his feet. He holds record for holding the best player of the year for record-holding five times. He got paid $53.4 million from Barcelona, the second most valuable in the world worth $3.5 billion. In fact, Lionel Messi, along with Ronaldo makes the two highest salaries on the pitch from the two richest billion-dollar clubs in the world. Playing for Barcelona, Messi earns £350,000 after tax. His yearly income is pegged at £18.6 million after tax.

Lionel Messi

  1. Gareth Bale: Bale is a Welsh professional footballer who plays as a winger for the Spanish club Real Madrid as well as the Wales national team. He has received lavish plaudits from his peers and seniors for his ball striking ability from distance and swerving free kicks. He is also widely acknowledged for his ability to get past defenders with pace. He has exceptional physical qualities. Gareth made his senior international debut for Wales in the month of May, 2006 and became the youngest player at that time to ever represent a nation. He has since them been able to earn over 60 caps and score 26 international goals. Playing for Real Madrid, Gareth Bale earns £320,000 weekly after tax. His yearly income in pegged at £17 million after tax.

 Gareth Bale

  1. Neymar: Neymar is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for the Spanish club FC Barcelona as well as for the Brazil national team. Neymar came into limelight at an early age at Santos. At the age of 17, he made his professional debut. He was twice named as the South American Footballer of the Year in 2011 and 2012. Neymar also won the Continental treble of La Liga, the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Champions League in the 2014-15 season. With 50 goals in 74 matches for Brazil since he debuted at the age of 17, Neymar is the fourth highest goalscorer for his national team. At the 2016 Summer Olympics, he captained Brazil to the first Olympic gold medal in men’s football. Playing for Barcelona, Neymar earns £289,000 after tax. His yearly income is pegged at £15 million after tax.


  1. Luis Suarez: Luis Suarez is an Uruguayan professional footballer. He plays as a striker for Spanish club FC Barcelona as well as for the Uruguay national team. It was in the year 2003, when Luis began his career as a youth player for Nacional. In July, 2014, Luis moved to Barcelona from Liverpool for a fee of £64.98 million or 82.3 million. That contract made him one of the most expensive players in the history of football. In April 2014, Suarez was named as the PFA Players’ Player of the Year as well as the FWA Footballer of the Year. In October, 2015, Luis scored his 300th senior career goal for his club and country. Playing for Barcelona, Luis Suarz earns £240,000 after tax. His yearly income is pegged at £12.5 million after tax.

Luis Suarez

Top 15 Footballers With Highest Salary In 2016-17 Season
Cristiano Ronaldo
(Real Madrid)
£365,000 after tax £19 million after tax
Lionel Messi
(FC Barcelona)
£350,000 after tax £18.6 million after tax
3 Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) £320,000 after tax £17 million
4 Neymar (Barcelona) £289,000 after tax £15 million
5 Luis Suarez (Barcelona) £240,000 after tax £12.5 million
6 Hulk (Shanghai SIPG) £320,000 £15.3 million
7 Paul Pogba (Manchester United) £290,000 £13.9 million
8 Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) £260,000 £13.5 million
9 Pelle (Shandong Luneng Taishan) £260,000 £13.5 million
10 Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester United) £220,000 £11.4 million
11 Yaya Toure (Man City) £230,000 £11.9 million
12 Sergio Aguero (Man City) £230,000 £11.9 million
13 Asamoah Gyan (Shanghai SIPG) £227,000 £11.8 million
14 David Silva (Man City) £210,000 £10.9 million
15 David De Gea (Manchester United) £200,000 £10 million
16 Bastian Schweinsteiger (Man Utd) £200,000 £10 million
17 Thiago Silva (PSG) £185,000 £9.6 million
18 Eden Hazard (Chelsea) £185,000 £9.6 million

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