UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2017-18 (Winners to earn upwards of €100 million)

UEFA Champions League Prize Money

UEFA Champions League Prize Money 2017-18 (Winners to earn upwards of €100 million)- The UEFA Champions League is a continental club football tournament which happens every year. The whole tournament is organised by none other than the union of European football associations (UEFA). The top division European clubs compete in this tournament and makes it more prestigious. This is the most prestigious competition for the European football clubs and is played by the national league champions. With prestige comes a satisfying UEFA Champions League 2017-18 prize money. Everything about it is discussed in the article below.

Considered as the most viewed annual sporting event all over the world, it brings much anticipation wrapped in itself. It has broken many records in the past as well. One of them being the final of the 2012-13 tournament had the highest TV ratings to date. It was watched by 360 million television viewers all over the world. Truly phenomenal is what you call it.

The defending champions of the UEFA Champions League this year is Real Madrid. They are the most successful European Club and has won 12 titles in total. Back to back, they have won 2 tournaments of the UEFA Champions League. Hence, in the UEFA Champions League 2017-18, they would obviously want it to become a hat trick.

The UEFA 2017-18 Champions League is the 63rd season of this football tournament. It was previously named as European Champions’ club. This is the 26th season after the rename of the most prestigious UEFA tournament. The winners of the 2017-18 Champions League will qualify as the representative of UEFA at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. A lot is on a stake in the 63rd season. Real Madrid being the two-time defending champions are the favourites of many.

UEFA Champions League 2016-17 Fixed Amount Distribution
STAGE Total Fixed Amount: €761.9 million
Playoff Bonus €50 million distributed to 20 teams who participated in playoffs. €2m each for playoff winners and €3 million each for eliminated teams.
Participation Bonus €12.7 million (Guaranteed) for each 32 teams who play in the group stages
Performance Bonus  €1.5 million for every win & €500,000 for every draw in group stages
Round of 16  €6 million each for 16 teams
Quarter Finals  €6.5 million each for 8 teams
Semifinals  €7.5 million each for 4 teams
Runner Ups €11 million
Final  €15.5 million
Potential Total Winner of 2016-17 champions league can earn between €54m to €57.2m from “Fixed Amount” pot. Plus Market pool money which can easily elevate total earnings of winners from England, Spain, Germany or Italy around €100 million (prize money + market pool)

The draw for the group stage was held on August 24, 2017, at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. In the draw ceremony, 32 teams are basically selected and put in 4 pots according to some rules. In each of those groups, teams play against each other home and away. The group winners and the runner ups further advance to a round of 16 teams. Then they go to the playoffs and eventually to the finals.

It has been analysed that a total of 17 national associations are represented in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League 2017-18.

UEFA Champions League 2017-18 Prize Money

Every year, the winner of the UEFA Champions League is presented with the European Champions Clubs’ Cup. This cup was awarded ever since 1967 and it is indeed very prestigious. The rule book also says that if a team wins the UEFA Champions League 3 years in a row or 5 years in total, they will be awarded the full sized replica of the trophy. The replica of the trophy has been won by six clubs yet and all of them are fantastic.

The current trophy which is awarded to the winning team of the UEFA Champions League is 74 cm tall and is made of silver. It weighs around 11 kg and was designed by Jorg Standelmann. He is a jeweller from Bern, Switzerland. The original was given to Real Madrid in 1966 after their sixth title win. 10000 Swiss Francs is the price of the trophy.

After the 2012-13 season, 40 gold medals are presented to the winners of the Champions League and the same number of silver medals to the runners up.

UEFA Champions League 2017-18 prize money is worth the whole anticipation. As mentioned above, this tournament draws a lot of attention and viewers from all across the world. That is the reason why a more than decent UEFA Champions League 2017-18 prize money was the need of the hour.

For that reason, UEFA Champions League 2017-18 prize money is distributed as follows:

*.First qualifying round: €220,000
*.Second qualifying round: €320,000
*.Losers third qualifying round: €420,000
*.Losers play-off round: €3,000,000
*.Winners play-off round: €2,000,000
*.Base fee for group stage: €12,700,000
*.Group match victory: €1,500,000
*.Group match draw: €500,000
*.Round of 16: €6,000,000
*.Quarter-finals: €6,500,000
*.Semi-finals: €7,500,000
*.Losing finalist: €11,000,000
*.Winning the Final: €15,500,000

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