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US Open Tennis 2017 Winner Prize Money – $50.4 Million


US Open Tennis 2017 Winner Prize Money – $50.4 Million- US open 2017 is the 137th edition of tennis us open and fourth and final grand slam event of this year. The 2017 US open will held on outdoor hard courts at USTA BilliJeanan king national tennis center in New York City.

About the tournament – this US open 2017 is the 137th edition of tennis US Open. this tournament is an event run by the international tennis federation (ITF) and it is a part of the 2017 ATP world tour and the 2017 WTA under the grand slam category. The tournament consists of both men and women singles and doubles draw and also mixed doubles event. There are also under 18 single and doubles which are a part of the grade A category of tournaments. The tournament was started on 28th August.

Broadcasting- in the united states the 2017 US open will be the third year in a row under an 11 year, 825 million USD contract with ESPN, in which the broad caster hold the rights of live streaming. This tournament is not available on broadcast television.

Prize money– to becoming US Open champion is a very impressive fact. And in this year becoming US Open champion also leads to a huge pay out. The total prize money for the 2017 US Open tennis will be 50.4 million US dollars as confirmed till date. This amount of prize money can make the richest purse in tennis history with a record amount of 3.7 million US dollar going to the champions of both men and women division. This is the highest amount of money a US open champion ever got in the history world tennis. The total amount of prize money is increased about an amount of 4 million US dollar from last year roughly an increment of 9 percent.

2017 US Open Tennis Total Prize Money – $50.4 million
 STAGES  Mens Singles Women Singls  Mens Doubles Women Doubles Mixed Doubles  Qualifying & Others Events
Winners $3.7m $3.7m $675,000 $675,000 $175,000 $2.7m (qualifying)
Runnerups  $1.82m $1.82m $340,000 $340,000 $90,000 $650,000 (others)
Semi-Finalists  $920,000 $920,000 $160,000 $160,000 $45,000
Quarter-Finalists  $470,000 $470,000 $82,000 $82,000 $22,500
4th Round $253,625 $253,625 $44,000 $44,000 $11,750
3rd Round  $144,000 $144,000 $26,500 $26,500 $5,500
2nd Round  $86,000 $86,000 $16,500 $16,500
1st Round  $50,000 $50,000
TOTAL $20m $20m $3m $3m $500,000  $3.3m

With this huge increase of $4 million this 2017 US open becomes the first tennis tournament in history with the total prize money compensation over $ 50 million.

“Five years ago, we committed to the players that total player compensation for players would reach $50 million at the US Open, and we are honoring that commitment.” said USTA President Katrina Adams.

The singles competition has seen an increase of 7.5 percent per round from last year, and the overall doubles prize has increased by approximately 8.8 percent from last year.

The prize money of US open qualifying tournament is also notable, it has increased about 49.2 percent and become $2.9 million dollars.

Prize money distribution


winner- $3,700,000

runner up- $1,825,000

semifinalist – $920,000

quarterfinalist- $470,000

round of 16- $253,625

round of 32- $144,000

round of 64- $86,000

round of 128- $50,000


winner- $675,000

runner up-$340,000

semifinalist- $160,000

quarterfinalist- $82,000

round of 16- $44,000

round of 32- $26,500

round of 64- $16,500


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