WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Match card, schedule and prediction

WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Match card, schedule and prediction:- Raw is a show which features big men which rarely gives anybody the chance to rise.The SmackDown live brand is however believed to be the land of opportunities. For Jinder Mahal, the land of opportunities worked out greatly and he became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was of course a big achievement. Bigger than that is defeating 13-time champion Randy Orton to win it. The Indian pro wrestler is currently working great in the ring and on microphone to bring the heat which a heel requires. Being hated by the wrestling fans, he is still winning matches and putting haters to their place. WWE Money in the Bank Live Streaming

WWE Money in the Bank Schedule

WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Match Cards

WWE money in the bank 2017 is featuring a great match card after a long time. From the first ever women’s money in the bank ladder match to 5 of the best wrestlers fighting each other to win the contract, everything seems just so fine.

With that being said, WWE money in the bank 2017 match cards are:

1. Pre-show match: The Hype Bros (Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley) vs The Colons(primo and epico).

2. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship match- Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal(with The Singh Brothers).

3. Men’s money in the bank ladder match: AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn.
(The winner of the match gets a contract to cash it in on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, anytime. The caching in would result in a match and the winner would be The WWE world heavyweight champion).

4. SmackDown live Tag Team Championship Match- The Usos(Jimmy and Jey Usos) vs The New Day( Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods).

5. SmackDown live Women’s championship match- Naomi vs Lana.

6. Women’s money in the bank ladder match: Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch vs Natalya vs Tamina vs Carmella (with James Ellsworth).
(The first ever women’s money in the bank ladder match. The winner of the match gets an opportunity to cash in the briefcase on the Women’s champion anytime, anywhere. This would lead to a championship match, no matter in what situation the Champion is in).

WWE money in the bank 2017 predictions

1. The match between the Hype Bros and The Colons is going to be won by The Hype Bros. Prior to the match, Zack Ryder can turn heel but that would be too bad for a pre-show event.

2. Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal will be won by Jinder Mahal. The modern day Maharaja has got the push very lately and it would be stupid for the WWE to steal it. Though, it is presented as a hometown match for Randy Orton, chances are more of him losing.

3. Mr. money in the bank 2017 will be Baron Corbin. This former NXT superstar has never got the big push in SmackDown live. The first push he got was when he won the Andre the Giant Memorial battle Royal at Wrestlemania 32. It is high time to push him and give him equal chance to prove humself as Jinder Mahal.

4. SmackDown live Tag Team Champions by the end of the night will be the usos. The New Day has returned to SmackDown live recently and it will be too early for them to get the push. Moreover, The Usos are already a well-defined team who are getting better day by day.

5. SmackDown live women’s championship match is going to witness Naomi’s retain. When Lana got the Championship opportunity, social media exploded. Everyone knew that she didn’t do anything to earn the opportunity and was spoonfed to her. In such a situation, if WWE makes her the champion, it will be too lame for the fans. Naomi should retain and let St. Louis ‘feel the glow’.

6. The first ever women’s money in the bank ladder match is going to witness Carmella as the victor. WWE has a tendency to shock us. Presenting Charlotte Flair as the strongest woman before the match is just another way to shock us. Having James Ellsworth by her side, many believe that it is time for her to get a push. After all, she has been doing nothing since she arrived on SmackDown. And that is not just my prediction, it is also the protection of the Raw Women’s champion Alexa bliss. Mrs. Money in the Bank 2017 is predicted to be Carmella.

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