WWE Wrestlers Salaries & Contracts 2017

WWE Wrestlers Salaries

WWE Wrestlers Salaries & Contracts 2017- The wrestlers of WWE are known to get high salaries and perks. Therefore, the fans of the World Wrestling Entertainment are quite agog to know the salary of their favorite stars. As per the latest news, John Cena has got the title of being the highest paid WWE wrestler. He is also the most popular wrestler of the World Wrestling Entertainment. Some other popular stars who are making rounds are The Great Khali, Triple H, The Rock and The Undertaker. The players associated with WWE are judged with their competence and of course their experiences. It is interesting to know that a significant number of wrestlers related with this organization are under contracts. Some are on short-term contracts, while some are in long-term contracts. The timeframe for these contracts is from 1 year to 10 years. The wrestlers are provided annual salary and traveling allowances, apart from bonuses. The company provides pay and perks to its members differently, based on their individual competence and experience. WWE Wrestlers Salaries

Income of WWE Executives:

Vince McMahon ( CEO ) Salary In 2014 – $1,184,500
George Barrios (Financial and Strategic Officer)  – $800,000
Kevin Dunn (Producer)  – $800,000
Michael Luisi (WWE Studios President ) – $700,000
Paul “Triple H” Levesque (vice president live events, talent) – $550,000 + $1,000,000 in yearly contract. There is an additional fee for his match appearances.

WWE Wrestlers Salaries

A professional wrestler, after he signs up a contract with the WWE Wrestlers Salaries. Bonuses get added to the basic salary. Apart from these, the merchandise share is also taken into consideration. Besides these, there are also PPV(Pay Per View) events, which are also a very good medium to earn extra income. Some eminent players, like John Cena, earns extra revenue through these matches. It is important here to know that the amount earned through these events is never revealed.

WWE Wrestlers Salary Male 2017:

STAR ANNUAL SALARY Bonuses & Royalties Contract
The Rock $3.5 Million 7{6d5c0de61785b6465e85db141e2d32959c251e0e25a73ac667d28d1a1cbcc092} bonus for high merchandise sales, only appears on selected WWE Dates 3 Year (Part Time)
John Cena $2.75 Million 7{6d5c0de61785b6465e85db141e2d32959c251e0e25a73ac667d28d1a1cbcc092} on merchandise sales, plus hefty PPV revenue share make his actual earnings way more 5 year
Triple H $2,12 million Also acts as WWE executive and talent contract. 5 Years
Brock Lesner $2 Million 3.25{6d5c0de61785b6465e85db141e2d32959c251e0e25a73ac667d28d1a1cbcc092} bonus for high merchandise sales, Free Travel, PPV revenue share (2 Years) Contract expires in March 2015.
Undertaker $2.25 Million 7{6d5c0de61785b6465e85db141e2d32959c251e0e25a73ac667d28d1a1cbcc092} bonus for high merchandise sales, Travel & Accommodation, PPV revenue share if featured on a main event 5 Years (Part-Time)
Randy Orton $1,6 million {6d5c0de61785b6465e85db141e2d32959c251e0e25a73ac667d28d1a1cbcc092} Merchandise sales, travel and accommodation, PPV share 5 Years
Sheamus  $1.3 million travel & accommodation 5 Years
Big Show $1.2 million Personal tour bus from WWE 3 Years
DolphZiggler $900,000 Travel & Accommodation 3 Year
Ray Mysterio  $985,00 4{6d5c0de61785b6465e85db141e2d32959c251e0e25a73ac667d28d1a1cbcc092} bonus for high merchandise sales, travel & Accommodation 5 Years
Rusev $725,000 3 Years
Danial Bryan $700,000 5 Years
Mark Henry $877,000 3 Years
Goldust $725,000 3 Years
Titus O’Niel $335,050 2 Years
Stardust $245,000 2 years
Seth Rollins  $310,500 3 Years
Roman Reigns  $245,000 2 Years
R-Truth $244,000 3 Years
Ryback  $655,500 2 Years
Chris Jericho $974,000 2 Years
Sin Cara $245,000 2 Years
Adam Rose $165,000 2 Years
Bo Dallas $165,000 2 Years
Big E $145,000 2 Years
Bad News Barrett $445,000 3 Years
Bray Wyatt $254,200 3 Years
Bryan Saxton $170,000 3 Years
Cesaro $80,145 1 Year
Christian $595,000 3 Years
Curtis Axel $75,000 2 Years
Damien Mizdow $100,000 2 Years

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WWE Wrestlers Salary Female 2017

STAR ANNUAL SALARY Bonuses & Royalties Contract
Nikki Bella $112,500 First Class Travel 5 Year
AJ Lee $104,300 5 Year
Alicia Fox $72,520 5 Year
Brie Bella $90,500 5 Year
Cameron $75,500 2 Year
Eve $109,475 3 Year
Layla $86,450 3 Year
Laliana Garcia 1 Year
Naomi $65,500 2 Year
Natalya $74,410 3 Year
Paige $65,500 2 Year
Summer Rae $65,500 2 Year

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